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 Notes and changes


Because of the student session on Friday, 1.9.2006 and the workshop on micro- and macro-variation on Saturday, the 2.9.2006 there will be no classes on these days.

The class 'Range and Limits of Syntactic Microvariation' will be tought by Sjef Barbiers only during the first two weeks; afterwards Hans Bennis (Meertens Institute, Amsterdam) will take over.

Lisa Matthewson had to cancel her class on 'Semantic Parameters'. Malte Zimmermann (Humboldt University of Berlin) will teach this class instead; however the course will only take place in the second half of the summer school. First session on August 22nd, 2006.

Mark Louden had to cancel his class 'Language Contact'. Tonjes Veenstra (Zentrum für allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, ZAS Berlin) will teach this class instead. The new abstract is posted.

The course "Intercultural pragmatics" has been cancelled!

Ian Roberts cancelled his pariticipation.
Maire Noonan (McGill University) will teach this class instead. Maire will start teaching on Wednesday August 16, 2006.

Doug Saddy had to cancel his participation.
Ina Bornkessel (MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig)
and Matthias Schlesewsky (Philipps Univesity Marburg) will teach this class instead.

Keren Rice will teach only during the first week of the school.
Jochen Trommer (University of Leipzig) will take over the remaining sessions.

Due to recent problems experienced at Heathrow airport Hagit Borer is unable to travel to Stuttgart.
The opening lecture will be held by Sam Featherston (University of Tübingen).