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Travelling to Stuttgart

Getting around in Stuttgart

Address of the summerschool

The summer school will take place at Campus Stadtmitte (downtown).
A map of the area around the Campus Stadmitte can be found here.

!!! Note that the summer school does NOT take place at Campus Vaihingen which is located in the suburbs !!!

The adress of the summer school office and the class rooms is:

Institut für Linguistik/Anglistik
Keplerstrasse 17 (Building K2), Floor 4b
University of Stuttgart
70174 Stuttgart

getting here by train or public transportation (S-Bahn)

All trains as well as the S-bahn from airport Stuttgart arrive at Stuttgart
Hauptbahnhof (HBF-Central Main Station)

The way from the station to the university is depicted on this map.
It takes about 5 minutes to walk.

getting here by plane

You can either take a flight to Frankfurt airport (FRA) or to Stuttgart airport (STR)

If you arrive at Frankfurt,
you can take a train directly from the airport to Stuttgart (HBF, central station). It takes about 75 -100 minutes.

If you arrive at Stuttgart,
you can either take a taxi (about 25 Euros for a drive downtown)

or you get here by public transport:
From the airport you take the local subway called S-Bahn
(sign-posted with a big green and white "S")
either S2 direction SCHORNDORF or S3 direction BACKNANG
and you get off at the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (HBF, central main station).

(If you are located at the 'Hotel am Feuersee', you get off at the station

From there it's a 2-minute walk to the hotel.)

getting here by car

If you get here by car you should follow the signs 'S-Zentrum'.

You can use this route planer.

The address is "Keplerstrasse 17, Stuttgart"

getting to/coming from Hotel am Feuersee

If you arrive at Stuttgart airport
you take the local subway called S-Bahn (sign-posted with a big green and white "S")
as described above
and get off at FEUERSEE.

If you arrive at the train station
you take the local subway called S-Bahn (sign-posted with a big green and white "S").
You can take any train leaving from platform 101
(S1, S2, S5, S6 - direction Schwabstrasse) and you get off at the second stop (FEUERSEE).

From the S-Bahn station 'Feuersee' it is a two minutes walk to the hotel.
This map shows the way.

(the blue line is for cars; of course you see the shorter way to walk)

How to get from the Hotel am Feuersee to the university

It takes about 10 minutes to walk. This map shows you the way.

The line in the map shows the way for cars.
You can walk a shorter route if you follow the description below.

Walk along JOHANNESSTRASSE , turn right into SCHLOSSSTRASSE (which is a very busy road)
or carry on for a little while and turn right into BREITSCHEIDSTRASSE (which is nicer and quieter).
Whichever route you take, walk (more or less) straight ahead till you reach the complex of the LIEDERHALLE (a cultural centre). Cross the square between the buildings of the Liederhalle (from the Schlossstrasse you have to turn slightly left, from the Breitscheidstrasse you just carry on straight ahead)
and then cross the road at the traffic lights right in front of you.
Turn left into a small footpath, then turn right and you can already see the twin buildings of the university in front of you.

We are in the left tower, our offices are on floor 4b (take the elevator to floor 4, turn left as you get off and walk up the stairs).

getting to/coming from the Studentenhotel

You start at the central train station (HBF).
You go to the underground and take the line U14 (Direction: Remseck).
You get out at Metzstrasse (SWR).
Get upstairs and walk down the Neckarstrasse (crossing the Metzstrasse).
The Studentenhotel is in the Neckarstrasse 172.

How to get from the Studentenhotel to the university

The U 14 brings you directly to the the underground station Friedrichsbau,
which has an exit to Keplerstrasse, where the university is.

You can also walk (20-25 minutes) using this map.

getting to/coming from the dormitories in Ludwigsburg

At the central train station you go to the local subway called S-Bahn
(sign-posted with a big green and white "S").
You take the S 4 (Direction: Marbach) and get out at the station Favoritepark. From there it is a short walk to the dormitories. They are marked with "2" on this map.

here you can see the timetable for the route 'Stuttgart main station' --> 'Favoritepark' (important in the evenings)
here you can see the timetable for the route 'Favoritepark --> 'Stuttgart main station'

getting to/coming from the hostel Alex 30

From Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (main station) you can take 4 different local trains:
U 6 (Direction: Möhringen), U 5 (Direction:Leinfelden), U 7 + U 8 (Direction: Nellingen),
Get off at Olgaeck (3rd stop) and walk about 50m up the hill,
then turn left onto Alexanderstrasse.
After 30m the hostel is located on the left side of the road.

Or: From the main station you can take the tram 15 (direction: Sillenbuch)
and get off at Olgaeck. The hostel is located directly across the street.

You can use this map if you want to walk between the hostel and the university (about 15 minutes).
Make sure that the address is Alexanderstrasse 30, as the map is a bit imprecise.

other locations

If you know the address/name of other locations
you can use google maps or this local map to find your way.
Make sure you write "street number, stuttgart" in google maps.

If you want to use public transportation you can use the pages
of the local public transport company (VVS).
You can type into this form either the name of a station or a streetname.

public transport

Tickets: You can either use a short distance ticket (3 stops), a single ride ticket,
single day ticket, a weekly and a monthly ticket.
The price of a ticket depends on the number of zones traveled.
You find info about the tickets here.

The local public transport company VVS has offered a special arrangement
for participants of the summer school
which is particularly interesting for those students
who will be staying at the student dormitory in Ludwigsburg.

A regular monthly ticket/ticket that is valid for three weeks
costs 81 € just for the route from Favoritepark
(the station closest to the dormitory) to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof and back.

The VVS has now offered a special ticket that will also cost 81 € but is valid
for the whole network of the VVS, which covers the whole 'Region Stuttgart'.
[This offer is still to be confirmed.]

If you would like to get such a special ticket, please, indicate it on the registration form
as the ticket has to be purchased via our department.