Institut für Linguistik: Anglistik

Dr. Gianina Iordachioaia
Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Linguistik: Anglistik

Azenbergstr. 12
Raum 3.006
D-70174 Stuttgart

Telefon +49 711/685-82981

Research interests 
  • syntax-semantics, semantics, syntax-morphology
  • deverbal and de-adjectival nominalizations, argument structure, lexical/grammatical aspect, negation and negative concord, negative/positive polarity, quantifier scope, plurality, indefinites, free relative clauses, control and raising
  • Distributed Morphology, Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar, Generalized Quantifier Theory, Minimalism
Current Position 
  • Researcher at the Institute for English Linguistics, University of Stuttgart, within SFB 732, Project B1 The form and interpretation of derived nominals