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Conferences and Other Events

Workshop: Heritage Languages (in Germany); organized by Artemis Alexiadou, Marcel Pitteroff und Katerina Zombolou [...more]

Previous Events 


16.06.-17.06.2011 JeNom4, 4th International Workshop on Nominalizations, organized by Artemis Alexiadou, Gianina Iordachioaia and Florian Schäfer [...more]
02.06.-04.06.2011 Generative Grammar of the South (Generative Grammatik des Südens (GGS)), organized by Artemis Alexiadou, Cinzia Campanini, Marcel Piteroff and Florian Schäfer [...more]
Talk by Noam Chomsky "Restricting stipulations: consequences and challenges" [...more]
10.06.-12.06.2009 (plus 13.06.2009)
Workshop: Roots - word formation from the perspective of "core lexical elements", organized by Artemis Alexiadou and Florian Schäfer [...more]
SFB Conference Retreat in Blaubeuren [...more] 
27.02.-29.02.2008 DGfS Workshop „Local Modelling of Non-Local Dependencies in Syntax" (University of Bamberg), organized by Artemis Alexiadou, Tibor Kiss and Gereon Müller [...more]
29.11.-01.12.2007 Workshop „Nominalizations across languages", organized by Artemis Alexiadou and Monika Rathert [...more]
02.11.-03.11.2007 Annual Conference of SFB 732 „Theoretical and Computational Perspectives on Underspecification" [...more]
09.11.2007 Mini-Case-Workshop, organized by Florian Schäfer [...more]
08.06.-09.06.2007 22nd Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW), organized by Artemis Alexiadou, Tom McFadden and Florian Schäfer
02.03.-03.03.2007 Workshop „(Lexical) Decomposition", organized by Artemis Alexiadou and Florian Schäfer [...more]
14.08.-02.09.2006 DGfS & GLOW Linguistic Summerschool „Micro- and Macrovariation", organized by Artemis Alexiadou
23.11.-25.11.2006 Premiere Congress of SFB 732
26.05.-28.05.2006 Generative Grammar of the South (Generative Grammatik des Südens (GGS), organized by Tom McFadden and Florian Schäfer
07.10.-08.10.2005 Workshop on Binding Theory and Reflexivity, organized by Jonny Butler
22.07.-23.07.2005 Workshop on the morpho-syntax of Modern Greek (LSA Institute, Harvard University), organized by Artemis Alexiadou [...more]
23.02.-25.02.2005 DGfS Workshop „Underspecification in morphology and syntax" (University of Köln), organized by Artemis Alexiadou and Gereon Müller
11.01.2002 Workshop „Verb Classes and Alternations", organized by Artemis Alexiadou and Roberta D'Alessandro