Institut für Linguistik: Anglistik

WS 2004/05 

The guest lectures take place on Thursdays at 17:30 (= 5.30 PM) in room 17.11 (first floor, Keplerstr. 17), unless otherwise indicated.


21.10.04Jaklin Kornfilt
Syracuse University
Types of subjects and types of clauses in Turkish: A study of categorial features in argument and adjunct clauses
28.10.04Nadine Aldinger
Universität Stuttgart
Nominalizations and thematic interpretation of genitive attributes
04.11.04Tom McFadden
Universität Stuttgart
The distribution of subjects in embedded clauses: an account without Case
11.11.04 Kirsten Gengel
Universität Stuttgart
Pseudogapping, Focus, and Comparatives
18.11.04 George Tsoulas
University of York
On two recent accounts of coreference and their implications for grammatical architecture
25.11.04 Björn Rothstein
Universität Stuttgart
On (imperfect) perfect theories
02.12.04 Martin Everaert
Utrecht University
SE-Reflexives and Theta Manipulation
09.12.04Britta Sauereisen
Universität Stuttgart
On the intersectivity vs. non-intersectivity of adjectives
16.12.04 Roger Schwarzschild
Rutgers University
Association with only, Givenness and Anaphora Resolution
23.12.04 t.b.a.
13.01.05 Kyle Johnson
University of Massachusetts
Ellipsis as phonological projections
20.01.05 no talk
27.01.05 Florian Schäfer
Universität Stuttgart
The dative causer construction in German
03.02.05 Matthew Stone
Rutgers University
Interpreting Vague Utterances in Context
10.02.05 Christian Hying
Universität Stuttgart
Qualitative Spatial Models for the Map Task
17.02.05 Giuseppina Rota
Universität Stuttgart
Cognitive processing of German "garden path" sentences and emotional prosody: insights from two brain imaging studies


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