Institut für Linguistik: Anglistik

Staff and Office Hours

Office Hours for staff of the Institute of English Linguistics during the lectures free time (13.02. - 07.04.2017) (last update: 16.02.2017)


Name Room Telephone
eMail Office Hours


Dr. Janina Radó
83121    Nach Vereinbarung per Email 


Prof. Dr. Sabine Zerbian

   Fr. am 17,24 Feb. und am 03,10 März, jeweils von 10:00-11:30 Uhrund Nach Vereinbarung per Email

To sign-up for Prof. Zerbian office hours, please enter your name on the list hanging in the hallway outside her door (Room 4.47). This list is made available one week prior to scheduled office hours.

Administrative Office 
Anne-Sophie Dantoing, Sabine Nigl 4.057
83120 Mo -Do   10.00-12.00 Uhr

In dringenden Fällen melden Sie sich bitte bei Frai Dantoing, Raum 4.029 (NEL Sekretariat)
Dr. Heidi Altmann 4.054  84163 by appointment only (via email)
Dr. Silke Fischer
 83118 by appointment only (via email)
Amanda Kahrsch
 81880 by appointment only (via email)
Dr. Marcel Pitteroff 4.055  83116 by appointment only (via email)
Fabian Schubö 4.048  83123 by appointment only (via email)
SFB 732 Staff 
Dr. Sabine Mohr (Coordinator) 4.050
83115 by appointment only (via email)
Dr. Gianina Iordachioaia
(Project B1) 
82981 by appointment only (via email)
Dr. Florian Schäfer (Project B6)

Nadja Schauffler (Project A7) 4.053 82986 by appointment only (via email)
Dr. Giorgos Spathas (Project B6)

Dr. Meg Zellers (Project A7) 4.053 83163 by appointment only (via email)
DFG-Projects Staff 
Patrick Lindert (Control) 4.055 82901 Nach Vereinbarung per Email
Dr. Marcel Pitteroff (Control) 4.055 83116 Nach Vereinbarung per Email
Yulia Zuban 4.051
Adjunct Teaching Staff 
Paul Boyles
Student assistants at the IfLA 
Niloufar Shabanpour
Muammar Alrais (EDV + Sprachlabor)
4.057 und 2.003

Student assistants in the SFB and other projects 
Alla Abrosimova
Sabrina Beer
Bethany Lochbihler

Elizabeth Long
Whitney Frazier Peterson
Nicole Stirm 4.051
Jana Keck (Control)