Institut für Linguistik: Anglistik

Prof. Dr. Sabine Zerbian
  • Production and perception of intonation in Second Languages and contact languages (DFG-project).
  • Production of tone in Southern Bantu languages.
Dr. Heidi Altmann

My research focuses mostly on language learners' processing of suprasegmental information in a language that is not their native language. We know that L2 listeners often are not able to interpret and use acoustic information contained in a target language speech signal in the same way that native speakers of this language are. Building on my recent investigations of L2 English word stress and L2 segmental length, future projects will be concerned with the production and perception of non-native segmental and suprasegmental aspects of English by German learners.

Dr. Cornelia Ebert

My current research interest is centered around the question of how information parts of speech and gesture interact. I pursue this question from a formal semantic view and envisage several experiments in this area. In particular, I would like to compare the information contribution of gesture material to other non-­at-issue statements within speech, e.g. the content of appositive clauses. Currently, we are planning a series of rating experiments that investigate the information status of gesture information and information stemming from appositive clauses.

I am also interested in epistemic indefinites and quantifiers, in particular with respect to information structural questions. As part of the XPRAG-­series (http://www.euro-­ xprag.org/activities/third-­call-grants/), supported by the European Science Foundation, I have investigated the exceptional wide scope behavior of indefinites in German and English in a comparative experimental study (http://www.uni-­stuttgart.de/hkom/publikationen/uni-­kurier/uk107/forschen/neue_experimentelle.html). Collaborators of this project are JProf Britta Stolterfoht (University of Tübingen) and Prof. Tania Ionin (University of Illinois at Urbana-­‐Champaign).

Fabian Schubö, M.A.
  • Speech prosody
  • Syntax-prosody interface
  • Intonation and information structure