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Calendar Management
Create Event


This calendar tool allows us to view the calendar details. Furthermore, we can add, edit and delete an event. This document guide you how to manage the calendar. The over view picture of the calendar is given in the figure 1.


Figure 1: Overview picture of the calendar

To create the event we have to follow the following steps:

Step1. To create an event, click the  button at the lower right corner of the calendar. A new tab in the browser with google accounts page will be opened automatically. As shown in the figure 2.


Figure 2: Sign in page of google account

Step2. Sign in the google account with the given username and password. Successful sign in will take you to the google home page

Step3. click the calender button as shown in the figure 3.


Figure 3: google home page and calendar button


Step4: click the CREATE button at top left corner of the page. See figure 4 for details


Figure 4: CREATE Button on calendar page

Step5: Fill in the details. To illustrate the fill in process an exemplary event is created here

  • Name the event e.g. here My lab hours
  • Time slot occupied e.g. 11:00-12:00




  • Press repeat to select the days



  • Select the required days e.g. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • To mention the end of event enter the number of week or the end date e.g. 22 January, 2014




  • Press done on repeat page
  • Click save on the even page
  • Refresh the IFLA calendar web page. The calendar will have the event.


  • Sign out or close the google calendar web page